sâmbătă, 13 septembrie 2014

Fly to the Sky, a 15-a aniversare

Coreanul american Brian Joo si Hwanhee (var cu Lee Jang-Woo) adica Fly to the Sky sarbatoresc 15 ani de activitate.
Doua voci remarcabile - a lui Brian Joo calda, dulce ca mierea, ce te umple de liniste, a lui Hwanhee grava, plina de o senzualitate care te copleseste,  ravasitoare - se completeaza reciproc, creand adevarate feerii muzicale.
Cu suisuri, dar si cu coborasuri, cu proiecte individuale, cu despartiri (Brian Joo a suferit la un moment dat pentru ca imaginea lui Hwanhee era mai mult promovata) dar si cu impacari, Fly to the Sky, primul duo de R&B coreean, s-a reunit in luna mai 2014, dupa o pauza de 5 ani, semnand cu H2 Media si editand al 9-lea album, "Continuum".
Fly to the Sky celebreaza pe 13 septembrie a 15-a aniversare cu lansarea albumului "Back in Time" ce contine piese ma vechi, cum ar fi "Sea of Love", "Missing You", "Like a Man​​",  reinterpretate intru-un nou aranjament orchestral.

Secret Love Affair (밀회) - Her Letter (English version)

For you things may be easy, but I will be the one who will pay for this sin in my next life. Because I answered to your love , people will make me to pay for it in this life. For this I'm afraid. For you.  For us.  Forgive me because I am greedy… I want all that I have and something more … I want you.
Every day you've teach me something. From me own being was molded another one, vulnerable with fragile ankles and soft knees. I face new overwhelming sensations, that I live intensely and I enjoy them until their last breath. I look for clock whose ticking I want to stop it, to keep the joy of thought and to stop looking for time-relativity meaning...
Time…. put on pan balance measure my years, it presses my shoulders and I feel how my life is running through the hourglass. You're the one who had the courage to brake it, spreading his discharge in thousands of fragments. I often locked myself in my own brain and just as many times I refused to get out of there. But temptations make me touch things in this world without having to think. Only time zero is priceless. And find no equation to apply my consciousness ...
We could live in a timeless disguise? To kill time? I started out by stabbing the present and throw myself into the arms of the future. I want to bite. Powerful. Demonic. I want to bite from the love who leaking. Both breathe at night, hiding in it, to remain deaf to what is beyond, thirsty, sip avidly, to drown in it , losing control...
I love it when the night watching on us, it vibrates in us and twitching in the sheets with traces of sin. Sleeping near the love candle whom I dropped on your chest. To get you out of your mind until the last breath of ecstasy and taste you again in the dawn light.
I love you so wrong and imperfect ... Innocently, naively, you anchored in your universe and you love me like no one else did. You left me to believe that perfection can exist somewhere on a mattress in a certain room. You broke my heart and then fed me with your love ...
Still crying. For I have not forgiven all demons and fight with times of my life. It seems that present is mocking me I should not give a damn about the past ... But the past overwhelms me, this would bury me and will put obstacles in the future. And I'm afraid. Shadows of the past include present, without giving a chance to the future. Because I might wake up the hell from love . And because I am greedy… I want all that I have and something more … I want you. Because you left me to believe that perfection can exist somewhere ...

written by manudrag, translated by Adriana Chiotan

Secret Love Affair (밀회) - His Letter (English version)

Never let me fall in the night that stars forgot to shine. Get me, fully hug me, let me naked of my thoughts and cover me with you. Let your soul surrounds me with arms of love, drop the veil of desire, show me your love, and allow the secrets of passion to embrace you.
Let me caress your silky hair, let me learn your equal and gentle rhythm of breathing, let me get drunk with the scent of your skin … Kiss my lips that recognize you and whisper you so well that I can reinvent you from my thoughts, tears,  passion, and longing and love ...
Read my eyes and respond me with your lips. Sip my whispers before being spoken. Empty me off you and fill my thirst. Heaven and earth, water and fire are one ... I want to send you every one of my thoughts, to be able to understand every smile of yours who crash deep inside me like a wave, always knowing you there, to be your start and your end ...crowded thoughts running and breaking my silence, while you sleep in there shade when time is no longer measured...
In the morning, carefully gather me from your dusty thoughts and breathe me easily ... Let me show you the first ray of sunshine through my eyes. For a moment, for a moment only, to fly together far from reality... And just for a moment for you to be me, to live with my soul, to feel my heart bit, to watch through my eyes... to understand how hard it is living without you ...
Among the blink of my eyelashes I see white butterflies dancing... To tell you how much I love you?... Totally and eternally. I love you without words, in every second, in anxiety, in pain. Honest and courageous. I love you because I had you in reality, in my dreams, in my ideals… but that was too short. We have not finished our dance of life.

written by manudrag, translated by Adriana Chiotan

Secret Love Affair (밀회) - Love letter (English version)

Fate doesn’t give you any notice or warning. We live in a continuous present and the time is getting shorter and shorter until the end…. Rich or poor, our spirits travel in this life with hope that we can find the code to the safe. Can we tell what’s inside?
Our World is shaken and our quiet corner is assaulted ... Our infected souls, apparently numb, bewildered, seeking their true nature, are groping in search of perfection. We're here, I’m dumped not far from your thoughts and you are wandering through mine… Our Inside is an explosion of questions, dreams, fears ... We should stop searching for our beauty, for our love, for ourselves …. We already found us!
A quiet game… our quiet game...we feel and live forbidden feelings, hidden passions.  It's like a revelation. We blindly sign a life check to keep this magic and unique moment. We fumble in the dark, prisoners of a limited consciousness. We stayed on the edge of the abyss, old traumas rocking us in their will. Now, we  ask ourselves how much courage do we need to jump with confidence into it.
We're two birds with broken wings; still together we could fly…Two troubled souls, tired to look for the right path...And all of this until you and I become us, because you're half of me and I'm half of you.  Fate ... Divine Plan ... It pushes us into this abyss. So far we have lived an illusion, past still keeps us prisoners of our lack of knowledge.
It's never too early, because it may be too late. Universe gone crazy and seems to have lost his balance. Scared, with trembling knees, we fear that we would leave this world carrying with us the wealth found in the next life. Is this a must? Beyond those waves of mess the important thing is that we found each other in this overwhelming and perfect time.
We are used to live in fear, with eyes closed and ears covered we run in the opposite direction and live a life in fear under the burden of social identity.But our substance is itself the energy of love. Let's throw our masks… Let’s be ourselves and find our true essence…Let’s expand our dreams and go beyond them. The sky speaks to us through his sparkle drops and I miss hearing the echo of your heart. There is never less from too much. Let’s start our journey together and fade away...

written by manudrag, translated by Adriana Chiotan